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Health Chi aims at promoting, restoring & maintaining health. In this busy and stressful life everybody is living in, most of us suffer from some degree of stress which in turn leads to illnesses such as headache (migraine), insomnia, pains & aches in different parts of the body, hot temper & frustration. Health Chi based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, using Acupuncture, Chinese massage (Tuina), Chinese Herbal Medicine, cupping & moxibustion; helps to restore health, expel evil pathogens and boost body immunity.
How does Acupuncture works


Rebecca Lee
A qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner¡Aspecialized in Acupuncture¡AChinese Herbal Medicine & Tuina; is practicing in Brisbane Queensland¡DShe was a registered General¡AMidwifery & Pediatric nurse worked in Perth¡AMelbourne¡A Brisbane & Central Queensland for a number of years. She acquired & diagnosed to have Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1998¡F She has been treated with various western medicines but the disease has not left her¡DDuring this time¡AShe turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine and reduced the need of western medicine¡DShe pursued to full time study and finished her bachelor degree in Health Science-Acupuncture at the ACNM¡ABrisbane. She has also completed the Master degree of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) at RMIT Melbourne. Apart from running her own clinic at Westlake Brisbane¡Ashe is also an academic staff lecturing at Endeavour College of Natural health in Brisbane Australia¡D

Rebecca's main aim is to alleviate & management pain in all area¡DBecause she has experienced intense pain and suffered from the bad effect of drugs¡Ashe knows how people feel when they come to her with same or similar problems¡DThe effect of chronic pain leads to other illnesses such as depression¡Binsomnia¡Bchronic fatigue¡Aimmobility etc is commonly seen in the world¡DShe has gone through the process of managing pain and alleviated pain herself (not using drugs)¡FShe knows what is best for her and her clients¡D
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